Diary of a Detox – Part 2

Yippee! I’m half way there. So, it’s Wednesday, Day 8 and I’m still going strong on my 14 day detox. I thought the weekend was going to kill me but it turns out there are more benefits to doing a detox than just cleansing my liver: now that I’m so full of energy, my house is also getting a great clearout. There’s parts of my kitchen worktop that I haven’t seen in years. Saturday was brilliant, I felt on top of the world, I just can’t explain how clear everything seemed to me. Like I had tunnel vision, knew what I wanted to do and just did it. Now maybe most people work like that anyway but me, not so much. If I’m doing something I get distracted easily and end up trying to do other stuff at the same time. But this was like magic and I got so much done it was amazing, and I felt amazing too.

By Saturday night I was wired, like I had drank a pot of coffee. Normally on a Saturday night I would have a lovely big glass of red wine, sit on the couch, munch on some chocolate brazil nuts, watch a movie and chill out, which was not going to happen that night. Instead I went upstairs and got into the bath, as I lay back down into the lovely hot water I hit my head off the net that has the kids bath toys in it and realised that it had been several months since I had a bath (but I do shower daily!). As any Mammy of young kids knows, it’s the last thing on our To Do List as we never have much time left for ourselves. But it got me thinking that if I had this much energy all the time, I could get more done and have more time for myself more often.

I am still missing food a little bit to be honest, especially when I can smell it. I thought I’d be starving all the time, but I’m not. It really does help to keep busy, without burying yourself of course. There’s just no excuse to sit down on the couch with a cuppa, and of course something small to eat, because before I would be saying “ah have a break, I deserve it” when actually I might be just tired, dehydrated or just not bothered.

This has really opened my eyes to the amount of times I ate for no reason, because I certainly was not hungry at the time and how many times I ate just because I was stressed or tired. It makes me think what I was doing to myself.

Sunday I took it a little easier as I was really paranoid that using this much energy would then lead to a crash. So I did the shopping Sunday morning, and could not get over how quickly I was back home. I’ve never managed to do it that quickly before – again, no messing around, I was just so focused. I cooked the dinner and then we went bowling for the afternoon with the kids. That evening I did get a little tired and had a bit of a rumbly tummy so took a hot lemon water up to bed, and read a book for a while. I did think in the beginning that I was going to have trouble sleeping with the lack of carbs but I have no problems at all sleeping, just need to pee more often due to the amount of water I’m taking.

Monday morning I was feeling more tired than the previous 2 days. I was a little muddled in the head, and did a lot of sneezing but I think it was just more stuff clearing out of my head. So, I just took it one step at a time, packed the girls off to school and headed into work. I trained as hard as I could in class and was still delighted with the effort even though I was really wrecked after it.

Monday afternoon I treated myself to steamed spinach and fine beans, so by the time I was heading back out to work that evening I was back to being on top of the world and happy out!

Tuesday I woke a little tired as I had a bad nights sleep due to sore muscles and up to the loo but after a couple of hours I came round again. I had cucumber and spinach for mid morning and for lunch I had lovely broccoli, fine beans and courgettes.

So back to today and I’m delighted to have come so far and so grateful for all the support and help I have received from everybody in the classes, on Facebook and from family and friends. It certainly has kept me going.

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