Nutrition Consultations Ennis

Our Nutrition/Lifestyle Consultations are the foundation of the success that our clients achieve at Body & Mind Fitness. No matter what your health and fitness goal is, it will not be achieved by training alone.

In order to reach your goals, your nutrition, sleep patterns and stress management will have to be at optimum levels to help your body recover and repair from the daily challenges imposed by your lifestyle and/or training programme. Our nutrition/lifestyle coaching programme is designed specifically for clients who may be unable to commit to a regular gym training programme due to illness, injury or other constraints.

This Coaching Programme includes a 60 minute nutrition/lifestyle consultation + 3 follow-up 20 minute re-assessment/coaching sessions.


Prior to your initial consultation, we ask that you fill in and return a sample 3-day Food & Lifestyle Diary as well as a Medical Questionnaire.


The first part of the consultation with one of our trainers is office-based and includes assessment of Body Composition using body-fat callipers, tape measurements and weighing scales. We will also discuss your Food Diary and Questionnaire and make the appropriate dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


We help all our clients to set Specific, Measurable, Action-Based, Realistic and Time-Based goals. We are results-driven and will encourage you to work towards objective measurable goals (e.g. clothes size, body fat %, etc) as well as more subjective/”feeling” goals (e.g. Increased Energy, Improved Mood & Feeling More Relaxed, etc).


We recommend a nutrition plan that consists of unprocessed whole foods containing lean and organic (where possible) protein (fish, eggs, red & white meat), vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and minimal grains. We will support you in making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve this.


We support our clients through regular texts and emails to check on their progress. We will measure your progress through weekly Body Composition Re-assessments. We encourage you to contact us if you are having difficulty with any aspects of your training/nutrition programme.