Group Fitness Ennis

All our classes are mixed and are run on a course basis. They are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees. The classes are fully supervised by qualified and experienced instructors. We place a big emphasis on making sure that all trainees learn safe and effective exercise technique in a fun and energetic environment.


Mixed Circuits

This fast-moving circuit class works all the major muscle groups in a structurally-balanced way, that helps reduce body fat, strengthens and tones muscles, and supports good posture. The class features resistance-training, core, and cardio-vascular exercises and is suitable for male and female participants of all ages and fitness levels.


Strength Club

For Intermediate/Advanced Clients Only! This class is limited in size and is also limited to participants with at least 6 months weight-training or Bootcamp experience. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on getting stronger and this class is ideal for clients – both male and female – who want to take their training to the next level. Big, Compound Exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, and Presses feature in the class, and although the workout is challenging, each client is fully supervised and, – just like all our other Group and Personal Training Sessions – priority is given to exercise technique and client safety.



Booking is essential. Call/text Orla on 0879963518 for details and current timetable.