The Perfect Body

At the moment, TV schedules seem to consist entirely of programmes relating to weight loss. Operation Transformation, The Biggest Loser and many other variations on the theme aim to inspire, educate and entertain us as they follow the health and fitness journeys of the contestants.

Although there is a positive side to these types of programme, I feel that there is one major drawback.

The above mentioned TV shows tend to create unrealistic expectations of what constitutes “normal” weekly weight loss and, by extension, create an unhelpful reliance on the weighing scales as the main indicator of body composition.

Without a doubt, I find that one of the biggest problems for clients starting a new training regime is unrealistic expectations. Some people seem to think that the very act of signing up to a gym or hiring a Personal Trainer automatically entitles them to the body of their dreams.

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New Year’s Resolutions – One Thing at a Time

The first week in January can be a time of mixed feelings: There’s the understandable sense of anti-climax following Christmas and the party season, coupled with the optimism of making a fresh start for the New Year.

That fresh start is often motivated by the battle scars of the party season: a few extra pounds on the weighing scales and clothes that suddenly seem to have shrunk. The usual response is either mild panic or a ridiculous sense of confidence that you can fix your entire life – waistline included – in the first couple of weeks in January.

This approach results in gyms packed with motivated, teetotal, non-smoking, diet-conscious, fitness freaks. And it usually lasts for about 3 weeks.

If this scenario sounds depressingly familiar to you, let’s look at why it’s not a great strategy for success and how you can improve on it.

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Lessons From A Diary 4: Get S.M.A.R.T

When working with Bootcamp Participants and Personal Training Clients, I always encourage them to have a Goal or Target that they want to achieve by the end of the course or block of sessions. On their Lifestyle/Nutrition Diary there’s a blank space to put that goal in writing. For too many clients, that space stays blank.

This is the equivalent of setting off on a journey in a foreign country without a map or Sat Nav: you MIGHT get to your destination eventually, but the chances are that it will take longer and will be a very frustrating journey. Likewise without a goal to act as your Fitness Sat Nav, you will not reach your potential as quickly as possible.

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Lessons from A Diary 1: Put it in Writing!

Lifestyle Diary - Body and Mind FitnessAt Body & Mind Fitness, all Personal Training clients, as well as participants in our Body Transformation Bootcamps, receive a weekly nutrition and lifestyle diary.

The purpose behind the diary is to allow the individual to record everything that is likely to have a direct effect on their body’s ability to burn fat and/or build muscle: Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Stress patterns. This record then gives me a more accurate picture of what’s happening during the 165+ hours per week when the client is not training with me.

Today and over the course of the next number of weeks, I’m going to discuss some of the most common mistakes I see from the diaries. By eliminating or at least reducing these items, you will be far more successful in reaching your health and fitness goals.

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